A more subdued (but no less comical) Robert Tilton is back… with a “singing” wife as his sidekick

Where’s a gong when you need one? Seriously. With a voice like that, who needs a secret bio-weapons program?

And what’s up with these phony baloney “prosperity” preachers and their blonde, Barbie Doll trophy wives? For Tilton, this is number three! Can we assume the third one is the charm (if you can call THAT singing “charming”)?

Lastly, at this point, anyone stupid enough to continue sending this carnival barker money deserves to be bilked out of every last dime they own… NO sympathy from us!

Now, can we send Maria to Afghanistan with a bullhorn and expedite a quick solution to that conflict? (Surrender now, or we have her “minister in song” again… you got that? We’re not kiddin’ around here!)

That just might be the best answer to the “war on terror” yet…


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